What is a playlist?

A playlist is a collection of songs by multiple artists and bands that compliment each other. Think of it as a digital mixtape.


What genres do you specialize in?

Audio Strategy can create a playlist of any genre and style that fits your brand perfectly.


How often will the playlist be updated?

The playlist will be updated as often as your business needs. With your feedback, we will make sure the music evolves alongside your brand.


How involved do I need to/can I be in choosing the music?

As much or as little as you want. The more information we have about your brand and direction, the more it will help us create the perfect playlist that reflects your company. This will also ensure your customers and staff will enjoy the music in your place of business.


What equipment do I need to play the curated music?

Any electronic device that can run Spotify or iTunes can run our software.


Can we pick songs that we like and give them to you to add?

Absolutely. The only exception is if we are unable to get the commercial license for a song.


How many music playlists come with a subscription?

Most customers have two playlists scheduled for different times of day, it's possible to get additional lists if required.



Why do I need to license music to play in my place of business?

Every company that plays music in their place of business is required by law to have the proper licensing. Your licensing fees go towards paying the composers, authors, publishers of music, artists and record labels who are responsible for the great music you want a part of your customers’ experience.

Which licenses are required to play music in my place of business?

Each business is required to obtain licensing through SOCAN, SESAC, BMI or ASCAP (performance rights) and Re:Sound or SoundExchange (neighbouring rights) to be granted permission to legally publicly play music in your establishment.

We already pay Socan each year, doesn’t this type of music fall under that category?

Yes, but Socan only covers performance rights, companies who play music in their place of business are also required to pay Re:Sound every year for neighbouring rights.




Can we pay with our company Credit card?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.


What different subscription plans are available to choose from?

We offer one, two and three year plans.


Is there a trial period?

Unfortunately, no. Since every list is created specifically for each clients brand we are not able to offer a trial service.


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